Sunday, February 5, 2012

hime speaks: Princess Princess

Alternative Title: PuriPuri, PriPri
Type: 12-episode TV series
Status: Finished Airing
Producers: Studio Deen, TV Asahi, Media Blasters
Genres: Comedy, School, Shoujo, Shounen Ai

When beautiful Tooru transferred to an all-boys school, he received a warm welcome...but little did he know that his new classmates had nominated him for the academy's "Princess System." The lovely campus "Princesses" must dress as girls (in frilly Gothic Lolita costumes) at school events in order to lighten the stolid masculine atmosphere. Tooru balks at first, but soon comes to realize the advantages of being a "Princess." -ANN

My Take:
I saw this show years back, and frankly, the hilarious synopsis drew me to watch this series. Originally when I saw the plot, I never figured that this would have some hints of boy love as the shounen-ai category wasn't included at MAL. I don't watch shoujo stories that often as female protagonists get on my nerves most of the time, but I've got to tell you that Princess Princess is one gem. Plus, having Fukuyama Jun as Tooru and Paku Romi (♥) as Yuujirou in tow got me really excited. XD

The story is a bit cliched and there's nothing special about the plot. In fact, if you just read the synopsis of the story, what you see is what you get - no twists in the plot and no surprise element at all. The parading of three guys dressing up as girls around campus is something written like a fangirl's fantasy and yes, it is a bit weird.

The art is so-so. I wouldn't say it's great since I find the characters cute and adorable. I'm greatly disappointed that they had a limited number of dresses, and have them recycled, despite their being the school's princesses.

Character-wise, there's not much going on there either. The main characters' backgrounds do get to shed some light but I've got to admit that their backgrounds were really not that well-thought of by the author so it's kind of disappointing. It would explain the characters' behavior, though, but I guess Mikiyo Tsuda has just some crazy ideas and mashed them all up together. But I've got to say that there is some character development as the story (or lack thereof) progresses.

Despite the negative remarks, this is one heck of a funny show. It's a bit weird, yes, but take it as it is. I've actually seen it a couple of times already and I don't grow tired of it. This show doesn't have hardcore yaoi/shounen-ai action, so I wouldn't recommend it to anyone who are looking for something hot and sexy like that. BUT! I would still recommend it to any BL fangirl out there since you'll surely have a good time watching and it's fairly easy to finish this series in one go! ^_^

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