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This blog site comprises authors that give reviews on BL anime and manga. Though this site may be small and updating may be slow, the authors' efforts on posting reviews and articles are commendable as they are professionals IRL. So if some of you think that we as the authors of Dangerous Minds should update regularly as it's our responsibility, then we do apologize; our lives are merely catching up on us. ^^;

Originally, this blog was made to share the common interests of the authors regarding BL. Most of the authors were discreet and reserved when it comes to BL, but they were able to share their thoughts to others with the help of this blog site.

Thank you for having the time in visiting us and reading this portion. ^_^

The Authors

Dangerous BL Admin
-the great, esteemed leader is sitting magnificently on her throne. while being served by male-servants, she cracks her whip and laughs maniacally while the rest of the authors cower in fear.

-having a weakness for shotas, he is still in practice but is luckily stationed where his needs are satisfied. does he like it? indeed, he does.

Crowned Princess Angelic Ninja Rebirth
-is still freelancing but is a clerk working full time. her discreet prowess is still active as she is secretly scouting potential BL recruits. she recently prefers to be reserved, however, as she is now tied down by her hubby.


-from webhost to developer, michi took a leap of faith and followed her dream job. she needs a break from having too much BL fever, after all.

-just like michiru, she has moved to another country to pursue her career. she is teaching young minds at the moment in the hopes of turning the next generation to become BL armies.