Tuesday, January 24, 2012

New Blog Perks~!

Hey loves~!

Just after a couple of weeks ago, I decided to change the layout of our blog to welcome the new year. However, as the days went by I decided to implement a couple of things to the site to make our readers feel a lot more comfortable in reading our article reviews. Feel free to have a look around on what we've added! ^_^

Here's what I'm very excited about: We're very happy to announce that our site has now an Amazon store installed! Now you, too, can read or watch the stuff what the DM sisters have all been raving (or ranting) about. Right now all you can see are the featured products on the right sidebar.

To fully access our Amazon store, just click the Grab The Stuff We've Reviewed at the site navigation bar located at the top of this page. Our store has stuff from audio cds, dvds, kindle ebooks, manga paper backs, artbooks, and even collectibles like key chains and wall scrolls!

Happy reading and happy shopping~♥

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