Thursday, January 12, 2012

tenshi speaks: Tsureteke Tengoku

Alternative Title: Take me to Heaven
Mangaka: Yamato Nase
Status: Finished
Genres: Comedy
School LifeSupernaturalYaoi


(From MAL) Ever since Fumiya and his family moved next to a graveyard, Fumiya constantly sees spirits and ghosts. Luckily, His childhood friend Shogo, the son of a Buddhist priest, is always ready to help chase away the problem -- for a price. Somehow, though, it seems that the more this happens, the closer they become...

My Take:

Another applause for Yamato Nase on her work, and a horror-gag to boot! I did read from her end notes that this is her first horror (??) work made out of her love for the said genre. But hey, we're talking about yaoi here so as expected... it wasn't that scary. (Though there was one part in the manga of a ghost that looked like it came from a Junji Itou horror) [waaaaaaa! ToT] The horror scenario does buff up the sweetness behind Fumiya and Shogo. Every supernatural encounter, Fumiya's cry baby attitude, plus Shogo's seemingly laid back slash sadist tactics  adds up the hilarity (and romance) to the story.

Artwise, Yamato Nase did make her ghosts creepy enough. The background is a bit detailed but clean. Every character's expressions here are defined that you'd get drawn to their emotions and sweetness.

The plot is good. It was never dragging. The supernatural touch and the sudden twists keeps you from flipping more of the pages. The heart catching lines screams out pure moe!

Bed scenes? One of my huge disappointment really so don't expect every chapter to be loaded with that. This one is simply filled with a dash of sweetness and comical horror moments. It is from this factor that my mind was simply screaming "more more more yaoi smex goddammit $%^&!!!"! But I guess this manga does stand out despite the minimal *cough* smex.  Thus, we from Dangerous Minds had to give this a danger label of 1 star (I'd prefer 1 skull :p and due to the lack of yaoi sex ToT) with a sweetness rank of 4 out of 5.

This one maybe more that a decade of age but it's worth reading and hey, old is gold!

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