Tuesday, May 31, 2011

michi speaks: The Buddy System

Title: The Buddy System
Mangaka: Sadahiro Mika
Genre: Drama, Action, Romance, Hard Yaoi
Status: Complete


Partners Hiyama Kiichi (26) and Inui Haruomi (29) were assigned to investigate and arrest a drug syndicate. This duo of the Police Department Division 4, the Violent Crime Division, must find a way to get into the syndicate's circle and have them all chained there and then when the right moment comes. So they went undercover, pretending to be as drug dealers.

Kiichi became an errand boy when he entered the group. He later learned that the boss is gay, so he use this advantage to lure the boss to like him in order to gain his trust. Now he became the lover of the boss. He endured all those nights he was being "raped."

A day before they will start their charade as drug dealers, exactly 2 years ago, Kiichi confessed his feelings towards Haruomi, as it started when they were still in training as police officers. Kiichi then talked about his plan to join the crime group. He thought this is the only way they could penetrate the group, but Haru-sempai was against it. Haru is afraid that he will lose his partner and then he kissed Kiichi to show to him how important he is to Haru. Kiichi told him that if joining the group is the only way to bring this group into justice, then they must do what is dangerous. Haru had no choice but support this idea and promised that after this assignment, they will spend more time together.

Two years had passed and Haru became worried and frustrated. Haru made a move and used the name "Henry" as his alias. He called the attention of the leader of the group and settled a deal: bringing in more items (drugs?) in exchange for a big cash. During their meeting, Haru saw Kiichi and later learned he is the leader's lover. The leader accepted the deal, and then they agreed on for their next meeting.

The day of their meet is the Dooms Day for this crime group as the police have already surrounded them when they got a tip from Kiichi. The police force were successful to arrest the group and the Deputy congratulated Kiichi and Haruomi of their success after 2 years of undercover and planning. The deputy gave both of them 10 days off.

They use their time being together to the fullest.. one can never tell when will be their last time to be in each other's arms.

My Take:

The Buddy System is one of Sadahiro Mika's works I've read after The Underground Hotel. This hard yaoi satisfies the female readers at some point but could get annoyed with criss-crossing of characters: One character is involved with another where in fact should have focused the attention to the main character. You may refer this as a filler to extend the story, or rather to extend the pages of this manga which is worthy of your pay. Don't mind about the artwork as it is nicely done. The gay character really looks gay, The straight guy, well, still straight before and after the confession (oh you know what I mean!).

Satisfactory in a way it has a lot of ohhh and ahhs and whachamacallit kind of plots (hehehe)... but I rate it 8/10 for using police and crimes as a plot of the story. As you might not know, I'm a fan when it comes to watching police procedural series.


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