Wednesday, April 27, 2011

michi speaks: Yajuu de Hatsukoi

Title: Yajuu de Hatsukoi
Alternative Title: Wild Beast's First Love
Mangaka: Yamato Nase
Status: Finished
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Yaoi


Yajuu de Hatsukoi
Tale on an physically-overgrown, sports-dedicated, yet mentally-immature college student finds love for the first time.


My Take:

This manga by Yamato Nase contains more than one story which is as colorful as this review I'm making. I chose Yajuu de Hatsukoi to review as I had been following this for a long time (well, in a span of two years now). Much to my surprise, it has more stories to tell about First Love. I wish I could share it here but I'm afraid I might spoil all of you. So, I decided to leave the rest of it for you to enjoy. ^^

Yajuu de Hatsukoi

Higaki-sensei manages an Osteopathy clinic situated in a residential district area. *SIDE COMMENT starts here: If my memory serves it right, it was his uncle who owns the clinic and it was his wish to let his nephew to continue running the place. I might be wrong so I had to end it here LOL* It was then visited with so many patients who like to avail his service after a new domitory block was constructed near his clinic exclusively for a private university students. Most of his clients are the school's sports club members who are energetic, aggressive, with fine tuned, well-build bodies but are actually brats according to Higaki-sensei. They come and go to his clinic everyday right after their game or practice just to look forward to Higaki's magical? (irresistible?) healing touch. (Nope, this is NOT a fantasy story). But as a massage therapist, he has to endure all of these wildness and the craziness of the youth. Masakuni Takada, 18 years old, who is a member of a volleyball team from that school is actually the opposite of them. He is quiet and serious (AND a brat in his own way!) but behind that facade lies his real intention towards Higaki (well, not yet). Anyways, beyond than that, he is a good student, having obtain a sports scholarship to support his studies. One day, he visited the clinic to check on his sprained knee *geez, or was it his ankle?* and worried if he can still continue his training or lose his scholarship. After seeing Masakuni's dedication to maintain his scholarship, Higaki was very touched by this and he is willing to help the kid to recover. Due to this frequent visit to clinic, their relationship become a tandem; Masakuni as the athlete and Higaki as the health condition coach.


A tandem for a lifetime. ^___^

Sigh. Well, that's it for now. ^^

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