Saturday, January 3, 2009

Tenshi Speaks: Introduction

Ei there guys, I'm the new meat here in the Dangerous Minds family... Im Tenshi and I'll be all the way with yah in our lil merry adventure to yaoi/shonen-ai-dom (lol).

Dangerous Minds: So what's your edge from the rest of your DM sisters?

Tenshi: lol... I'm a guy... :p nuff said

Dangerous Minds: O.o ryt....

Tenshi: ohohoy you want some proof? *evil grin*

Dangerous Minds: *closes eyes* (x_x)

Tenshi: What? I'm just gonna show you this ball here in my know, the one that gives me a deeper voice to boot... :p what we're you thinking? you ha... hahaha

Dangerous Minds: uhh...never how do you see this kind genre considering your uhh...edge...?

Tenshi: Its pretty cool *wink* I mean, seriously have you seen guys talking about yaoi in public? Like what sister Yume said, its a taboo talking about it, and much more to the likes of me. hahaha. Pretty weird? Maybe not...Lets just say I'm unique! :p (*airhead mode*) I believe its another experience for our readers especially on my viewpoint about this *qoute and qoute* "genre". But anyway, its not something new in my case...haha

Dangerous Minds: Not something new? You mean you have your own experiences IRL?

Tenshi: (^_~)v I'll leave that as something to ponder on to our readers :p

Dangerous Minds: Oh come on...

Tenshi: * interrupts * anyway that's all for today folks! Glad to be in full service to be wit' yah all ^_~

Dangerous Minds: (O.o) Hey wait!!!

Tenshi: *dashes off*

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