Friday, November 28, 2008

yume speaks: Little Butterfly

Mangaka: Takanaga, Hinako
Status: Complete
Genre: Yaoi, School, Drama

" Butterflies they seem so fragile and yet they're very strong...they can fly anywhere and continue to survive by clinging stubbornly, tenaciously to life...but we're still too young,so tragically young...and like those little butterflies, all we can do is flutter powerlessly driven by the wind..."-Little Butterfly(Volume 2)

Kojima and Nakahara were total opposites of each other. Kojima was cheerful and friendly while Nakahara was brooding and aloof. For the longest time, Kojima has been trying to befriend Nakahara, for some reason, Nakahara's solitary nature concerns him. Eventually, Kojima's optimism, persistence and purity won Nakahara over. Kojima soon finds out that Nakahara carried deep scars within him and sympathized with him. However, as they became closer Nakahara realizes his feelings for Kojima were more than that of friendship.

Kojima is adorable and Nakahara is admirable.The way they loved and supported each other was amazing.Nakahara's struggles and how he overcame it, as well as how Kojima remained supportive all throughout was moving. They are definitely one of my fave couples in mangas. :D
In addition, as surprising as it sounds, you can really see how the characters matured throughout this short 3-Volume manga.I like that this series is fast-paced without jeopardizing the story. XD

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