Wednesday, November 26, 2008

michi speaks: Petto Oshigotochuu

Alternative title: Pet on Duty
Mangaka: Yamato Nase
Manga Status: Complete
Genre: Comedy, Romance, Yaoi

Quick Synopsis:

Mizuki Tomura lost his job. He got no money out of it nor own a place to live. He had no choice but to stay with his older brother, Koichi Tomura, who lives in a dorm owned by the company he works in. But the dorm does not allow or accept non-employees to stay in there. So there is only one choice in which Mizuki could stay in there, he must live in secret or pretends to be a house cat. Then there came Koichi's roommate, Toru Kudou, whom Mizuki got intimitated with, starts to treat Mizuki with kindness, like how a pet should be treated.

My thoughts:

First of all, Pet on Duty was the first manga from Yamato Nase that I fell in love with. Apparently, because the characters (specifically the male characters) are so so so bishie *nosebleed*. And of course, i love the artwork, makes you feel hunger for more bishies, yummy!

The thought that Mizuki will be staying at a company dorm had put a notion in my head that his life in there will be, let us say, cruel. But suprisingly when the dorm people in that floor, where Mizuki's brother stayed, heard about Mizuki's temporary stay, all of them are so supportive. Thanks to his charm, everybody seems so fond at him and that made him stay.

And now, the central couple of this story: Mizuki and Toru. WOOHOO!! i love the pairing! just like a pet-and-owner relationship. Mizuki, being the house cat pet and Toru, on the other hand, being the very sweet and gentle owner (not literally XD). I like the way Toru showed his genuine care for Mizuki, but sometimes I really hate when somebody interrupts THE MOMENT! It was kind of bragging from few chapters but it is worth reading. The anticipated moment that I imagine for this couple only happens when the manga was about to end. But nonetheless, you'll surely love this as I am.

Side Comment:

hmmmmm.... KOICHI TOMURA and TORU KUDOU so hawt!! *blushes*


  1. ahh yes... i remember this manga.XD

    very nice and, ehek, the characters are *hime swims in a pool of blood*.

    i just wish Yamano Nase explored more of the other characters though. @_@

  2. yeah, like koichi for that matter and the rest of the dorm people hehehehe

    ohohohoho, hime! blog about yamato nase's chintsubu XD


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