Saturday, January 3, 2009

Tenshi Speaks: Junjou Romantica

Mangaka: Nakamura Shungiku
Status: Ongoing
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Mature, Romance, School Life, Shounen-ai, Yaoi

Literally translated as "Pure Hearted Romantica", the story involves three couples so let me give you a slice of each :3

Junjou Romantica: Meet Takahashi, Misaki, an incoming college freshie almost doomed from entering college if not for some tutorial aids from his older brother's bestfriend, Usami, Akihiko. What turned out as a tutorial session paved the way to romance between the two of 'em. As Misaki's fist hand experience of boy love, he's been sorting out his feelings and acted like an idiot on the verge of an identity crisis. Akihiko's case on the other hand carries a surprise for his strange obsession of toys like trains and oversized teddy bears. Being a boy love novelist, Akihiko also uses Misaki as one of his main characters in his BL novels. Confused-Misaki bumps into one of Akihiko's BL novels, reads "Misaki licks every inch of Usami’s hot body" and gets comically enraged...the fun never stops there.

Junjou Egoist: Kamijou, Hiroki's unrequited love towards his child-hood friend, Usami ,Akihiko get's blown off upon Kusama, Nowaki's arrival into his life... as the name Nowaki means typhoon. Nowaki as an orphan has been working his way through to become a doctor. Hiroki is an assistant professor trying to work his way out to become a full pledged instructor resisting all odds coming his way. Nowaki, having fallen at first sight over Hiroki get's persistent to seep into Hiroki heart. Hiroki resistance is blown away by Nowaki's persistence.

Junjou Terrorist: Takatsuki, Shinobu drops into Miyagi, Yoh's life telling what's on his mind such as "destiny" to have bumped once again into Miyagi. Being the son of Miyagi's boss (also Hiroki's boss) and the lil brother of Miyagi's ex-wife, Shinobu finds an excuse to settle into Miyagi's dwelling. Miyagi though has issues of his past, a love for his late teacher still continuing. But Shinobu stops at nothing like a terrorist invading, destroying, and eventually changing Miyagi's feelings.

-manga fox


I'll have to slice again my views on this

On Junjou Romantica, this arc seemingly sounds like the typical rich-seme-poor-uke appeal, just seemingly though. For RSPU cliches, we have the oppressed uke being forced by the seme via his resources. Usagi (Usami) and Misaki's story tries to change that assumption here. True, Usagi's a rich bastard but he doesn't use money to force himself into Misaki. The hilarity here is that Usagi abuses his money just to tease thrifty-Misaki in panic for wasting a lot. Sorry for the spoiler guys but money here isn't the thing for this story :p . Let's get down to the real part, Misaki getting confused over his feelings of manliness adds to the comedy here. Well who wouldn't if it is your first time that somebody from a same sex fondled you and you felt terribly good about it? ;D ( getting overboard here :p) Usagi's tough aura appearance dissolves from his supplementary personality of being a man-child who's into toys at his age and being impulsive enough to do what he wants like a toddler. Usagi doesn't know much about the real life and what it means to be a real family (coz he's soooooo damn rich he can't even find his other family members inside his mansion when he was just a kid... j/k lol) and here Misaki tries to compensate it with simple things. Surprisingly, it gives Usagi a sense of joy making him more head over heels to Misaki. Like I said, the hilarity between these two never stops there. XD

Junjou Egoist would be the opposite for the JR arc. Here, couples Nowaki and Hiroki are living average lives and they have completely opposite personality roles compared to Usagi and Misaki. Their personalities are something that deviates from most BL stories. Here our uke (Hiroki) gets the dominant role over the seme (Nowaki). Somthing I don't see from the classics. Brash and a lil too arrogant as he is in front Nowaki, this is only Hiroki's defense mechanism since he's not really that expressive. To add in our lovey-dove factor here, Nowaki's joy for simple actions of love from the shy Hiroki wraps up the whole story. Plus, of the three I'm voting for this arc as the more realistic one ^_~

(offtopic: and yes, I'll be the arrogant-slash-dominant-even-if-I'll-be-the-uke like Hiroki if ever i'll have my own BL partner :p *winking*)
Finally on Junjou Terrorist, one word, annoying. Another word, irritating. Final wrap up word, cute :3 (and the word for today is hypocrite *points to*). I did wonder if some cosmic fairy refabricated Shinobu from an abusive-straightforward-self-centered-shoujo-b!tch. Fortunately, there aren't any pixie dusts involved I'd really hate Shinobu if she was a girl here (that would make the story too predictable plus with Miyagi's easy going chill attitude). Another unique arc to boot. Love conquers all they say, but really do this in real life (provided your a guy falling for another guy) then force yourself selfishly to that guy and you'll end up much worse than a broken nose. haha.

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