Wednesday, September 21, 2011

hime speaks: Saa Koi ni Ochitamae

Alternative Titles: Fall in Love with Me
Mangaka: Yamato Nase
Status: Finished
Genres: Comedy, School, Yaoi

Noboru seems to have rotten luck at school when it comes to girls, because they all have eyes for only Yuuki – the resident Prince Charming. Tall, dark, rich and handsome Yuuki seems to be the exact opposite of the poor, short and not very manly, Noboru. Because Noboru is from a poor family, he had to work extra hard just to get into this prestigious Seihou Academy – which is mainly reserved for the rich and elites of the society. Before admittance, it was a dream of Noburo to hook up with one of the rich girls at Seihou Academy, but his plans seems to have gone awry, specially when all the girls seems to not pay him much attention and dotes on Yuuki the most. But for some reason, why does this drop-dead, gorgeous hunk, Yuuki, seem to want to get close to him???

My Take:
My first review on a Yamato Nase work, yay!

This yaoi manga is one of my favorites. Admittedly, this isn't the first manga I've read from Yamato-sensei but this one stuck with ever since I read this last 3-4 years ago. Although, I can't really give an accurate review on this much since I haven't reread this since I completed the manga. I'm only scanning the pages as of now. What I can say about this manga is that it's very hilarious. Yamato-sensei is just very wacky. Most of the pages in the manga have something hilarious to laugh on it, save for the parts that were serious about Noboru and Yuuki. I really like how Yuuki is very serious and passionate when it comes to Noboru. He is really willing to move heaven and hell just for him.

I also have to mention about Noboru's brothers as well, most especially the twins. They are both adorable and hilarious. Here is one scene that I saved on my files because I liked it so much. This never fails to make me laugh:

If we were to compare Yamane Ayano's work and Yamato Nase's, Yamane-sensei's characters are very manly with sharp facial features whereas Yamato-sensei's are more eye-candyish. Their facial features are close to that of feminine ones. The eyes are more large and very expressive, whereas Yamane-sensei's are squinty and oh-so-sexy~.

Another thing worth mentioning about this manga is that the background art isn't boring nor is it distracting. It's clean and it fits well with the scene, very much alike how Yamane-sensei does her work.

Comparing the two authors aside, Yamato-sensei is one of my favorite authors. Although her manga plots are not that deep to get really into, they are, however, light and it's easy to finish. Plus, I've never read any of her mangas that have failed to crack me up... yet. If you want to try reading Yamato Nase's works, I suggest you start with this manga series. I'm sure that this won't let you down; I sure as hell would pick this manga over any shoujo series any day.

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