Tuesday, December 21, 2010

News and Christmas Greetings

Heys! How's everybody going?

Updating has been really slow compared to how we were faring last September and October as, like we said months ago, the authors of this blog site are also very busy. We really can't blame them now, can we? But hey! At least we're doing updates, right? ^_^

Before I get to my holiday greetings, I would just like to acknowledge Tokyo's Bill 156 which has been passed just this December. It focuses on the anime and manga industry and how Tokyo will filter any type of media which is easily attained by the youth.

Anime and manga fans, don't despair! Although this would affect the industry (and hopefully not that much to our boy love authors), this does not mean that the industry will die. Not only will they ban ecchi/hentai/other materials which are clearly not meant for minors, they're also going to put those into the Mature category. If you want to read more about the bill, try reading it from this blog.

I do understand what this bill's point is: YAOI will be saved! Hehe. Kidding aside, passing this bill is a smart move for Japan. I just don't understand why they passed this bill only now. :/


We're planning on something for this blog site. I hope that it will be accomplished before the year ends. I can't wait, ufufufufu~


Well, that's that. I do hope that everyone enjoys their holidays. Try to spend some time away from the computers (and your precious boy love teehee) and spend some quality time with your family, friends, and special someones. ^_^

Merry Christmas!

(btw, I've been seeing this image all over. Can anyone tell me what title this is? Thanks! ^_^)

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