Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What's new

Good day to all fellow BL lovers!

Just last week and up until now, we made a major changes in our layout. The result is what you see right now. The features that we added so far:

1. The header image courtesy of michiru (in case you're wondering where those two boys came from, they are the characters created by Yamane Ayano-sensei. only that michiru forgot to mention the title)
2. For the left sidebar, it is going to be all about us or anything from us: Dangerous Minds, About Us, Announcement, Author's Introduction and Followers*.
3. For the right sidebar, you can see our first Poll, Anime Reviews, Manga Reviews, Random and Blog Archive*.

This time, we organized all the previous blogs by category. In that way, it would be easily navigable and for all readers to find what they are looking for. The latest entries appear at the bottom of each category. Just click on the link and it will lead you there.

That's it for now. Maybe we can add more features soon to cater the needs of everyone, including the authors. Have a great day, everyone. ^^

* - these had appeared from our previous layout
** - we made further deliberations on how we should minimize too much text that you see on each sidebar. We use the Label feature instead. ^^

-- updated 09/02/10

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