Wednesday, September 15, 2010

michi speaks: Tsukiyo no Fushigi

Title: Tsukiyo no Fushigi
Mangaka: Chitose Piyoko
Status: Complete
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Smut, School Life, Mature, Yaoi

Matsuoka, a Judo National Champion will try his luck in his new found place, Tsukiyono High School. He got into an all boys' school as a special student for Outstanding Judo Performance. But the one that he had been looking forward to turned out to be in a rural place, opposite to what he had expected. Putting that aside, since he is a special student, he expects a special treatment, like a wonderful dormitory. But he had stumbled upon an old and almost torn down two-storey dorm building. When he was in his room, he simply could not take everything he sees: everything's so messy. His dorm mate was still asleep when he arrived. Running out of patience, he woke him up and removed the bed sheet. And what he saw suddenly made him stunned; a boy with such a pretty body, so slim with gleaming muscles. "Doki doki doki blush blush" was all Matsuoka could react.

Oono, Matsuoka's dorm mate, is a member of the school's Track and Field Team. At this point, he already knew where Matsuoka went out every night. The dorm people had been wondering about the sounds they hear during the night, as if there's a ghost roaming around the building. But Oono knows better than that. So what does Oono do while Matsuoka went off to his night escapades? Aren't you curious? Then better start reading this one.

This manga is a collection of different stories presented to us by Chitose Piyoko. These days I have been looking for more action and you-know-what-I-mean kind of plots in just a few pages. LOL. The manga includes the story of Natsu and his relationship with the twin brothers (I got curious with this one especially from the stand point of one of the twins); a student's consultation with the dentist and their shared secret (whew! where can you find a good-looking dentist that can help you getting relax before an operation! *woot*); and a story about these good-looking cuff buddies, that turned their fight into a steamy *woot* (I don't know but this is something different).

I personally like Matsuoka x Oono pairing and story because I have not encountered a similar one like this. It was like a breath of fresh air from the author, knowing that most of her plots happen within 1-2 chapters only and she has a bucketful of bishie characters. You'll forget to compare all of them from her previous works. If you enjoy short stories or one-shots, then this manga is for you. Despite the limited pages per story, the author was able to deliver the stories as precisely and hot as possible. Enjoy reading ^^,


  1. for the life of me, i can't remember whether i've already read this or not. hahahaha

  2. yeah same here... but I chose to read whether I'm done with it or not XD


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