Sunday, August 29, 2010

hime speaks: Resurgence


prior to my blog entry last April, i got to talk around with my co-authors and it seemed that we all accepted that this blog site was going to die.

but just this week, it seemed that everyone were willing to revive this blog once again. i guess that fangirls (and boy) will always be fangirls (and boy). just like what i posted in my main blog over LJ, i am reverting my passion to something else (IRL) and probably will not post as much as the others, most especially one of us who seem to have that deep passion within her *cough*michi*cough*

speaking of which, i would like to acknowledge michiru who, along with her BL passion, had revamped the blog into this gorgeous haven that we have now. so thank you thank you thank you michi~ we all love you (~^3^)~

*ahem* another thing, i have decided to post up things that are not limited to BL mangas alone. probably things that are more or less related, but interesting things about the world of of BL, about the authors, and other whatnots. this is to keep the blog alive, but since it will be interesting it will be worth it. ^.^

and last, some of you might be thinking: "why is hime posting all these important stuff? shouldn't that be left to the admin?" well, haven't you guys heard of the term Shadow King from Ouran High School Host Club? *cough*cough*wink*

well, that's it. glad to be back, guys \(^o^)/


  1. you are all welcome guys *hugs*

    and yes! i do agree with hime-chama that a fangirl is always a fangirl :3 and it's too early to tell that this blog will just close down just because we have our own lives to deal with...

    I may not have a similar deep passion like those super-duper yaoi fangirls, but one thing I know for now about myself is that I still like reading this kind of genre...

    let us all work together to revive our BL love :D


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