Monday, November 24, 2008

hime speaks: Saihate no Kimi e

roughly translated as 'To the farthest ends with you', this is one manga that's authored by Minami Haruka that i couldn't get over with. the uke, Shiomi Ryou, is raped over and over every night by his childhood friend, Takatou Akihito (who's rich btw), as a means of payment to protect his older brother.

i really pitied the uke. *cries out loud* it so hard to have your trust broken, and then forcibly throw all your emotions away just so you can become unfeeling towards the cruelty of the one you care for. in the uke's case here, his childhood friend was his only playmate when they were still kids. despite the gap of their status, Ryou was able to become Akihihito's best friend and vice versa. their relationship crumbled (as well as his world as well) when Ryou discovered the secret that his brother had been hiding from him.

the artwork is very bishie, and it's worth mentioning that Akihito is very smexy. even when he did unspeakable things to Ryou, his eyes are just soooo smexy. he's the type of seme/guy that i would love to love when it comes to romance stories. XDDD

although i had a difficult time getting over this manga, it's worth reading it. :D


  1. hmmm... indeed this makes you feel pity over the uke... but darn! i can't resist that seme look XD

    i read this before and i could really feel the emotion (it happens in the mind XD) from both semeXuke... the hatred, the pleasure, the sadness, then in the end, LOVE.


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