Thursday, November 29, 2012

michi speaks: Toshishita no Ryuugi

Yuusuke and Atsushi

Altenative Title: Cool As You
Mangaka: Maruya Kae
Status: Completed (3 Volumes)
Genres: Drama, Romance, Yaoi


Yuusuke and Atsushi are not connected by blood. They have not seen each other for several years. Atsushi matured, and even became much more than his older brother. He moved to enroll into University. Yuusuke receives an unexpected visit from Atsushi who has come to live with Yuusuke.


My Take:

This story has a lot of drama/realizations than smexy scenes. I think its plot leads us to understand the feelings and implications of one's actions to other more than what we expect of it as yaoi. So I am open to these kind of settings as long as it makes sense and its entirely fine with less intimacies between Yuusuke and Atsushi. Not that I intended to low down now your spirit when you read this but it's quite serious. I mean, I get the situation. Do you dare to have a forbidden 'love' relationship with your sibling?

Okay. Somehow Toshishita no Ryuugi had a quite difference: they're step-siblings. No blood relation at all. Don't care if society hates them when they found out. There. Now that's safe to review. Phew.

Yuusuke, plays basketball and when he do, he pours out his best to win the game. As the older brother, he conforms to the role of taking care of young Atsushi. He even taught him how to play basketball. Atsushi, on the other hand, thrives to learn and gives his best to know the ropes of the game. When he entered high school, he wanted to become like his older brother.

A time come when Yuusuke decided to end his passion for basketball upon entering college. Now at 24 years old, he began his carrier in modeling. As a new kid in the limelight, he is still doing his best.

The siblings have not seen for so long until one day Atsushi decided to move with Yuusuke. Being apart for that long makes Yuusuke feel a little bit awkward. Will he still be able to fulfill the role as the older brother? This time, Atsushi is now one of the best basketball players in his University and his main purpose to move with his brother: to seek his acknowledgement and wanted to know why he ended playing the sport.

For that long, Yuusuke had already developed an inferiority complex and does not want to outshine Atsushi on his chosen path. He ran away from it but he did not realize until one day when he was confronted by Atsushi, who had already developed a deep longing for him. A deep love for him.

This got him confuse of his feelings for Atsushi. He thinks/feels he loved him more than a brother but do not know how to face it. He will have to face the ordeal of protecting his younger brother when the public begins to suspect about their relationship.

I have to end it there.

So far, I like Maruya-sensei's art work. Well created and nicely done. I can say it is at par with my favorite mangaka, Ayano Yamane. For the story, it is very well thought. For having this kind of plot, step-siblings in love with each other, and all, takes a lot of amount of thinking and re-thinking to better understand the message. No wonder it has to be in three volumes but it is worth a while.

A warning though, you may be dissappointed with this manga but before you do, take a step back and understand why. (It will be long for me to explain it hehe)

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