Monday, September 24, 2012

michi speaks: Hishoken!

Saito Yo and Nabeshima Hisatsugu
Altenative Title: Double-duty Secretary!
Mangaka: Tsunoda Ryoku
Status: Completed (1 volume)
Genres: Romance, Yaoi


Saito Yo has just been assigned to be the secretary of the company's new director, Nabeshima Hisatsugu, who has supposedly "never worked a day in a company" before. Saito is taken aback by the new director's seemingly non-professional demeanor, and he works hard to reform Nabeshima and get him accustomed to the role of director.

A comment Nabeshima makes one day, however, devastates Saito: Nabeshima mentions that Saito wasn't what he thought a secretary should be. Shocked and frustrated, Saito carelessly blurts out while drunk one night that Nabeshima should "take advantage" of his services. From then on, Nabeshima changes his attitude and leaves Saito feeling even more bewildered.


My Take

This just got 8 out of 10 ratings from the source above but I am not complaining. It's enough that I don't dislike the story - It's even one of my personal choice for romance. So what got me to favor this manga? I'll mention some lines that stick to my mind:

"Don't wrinkle those pretty brows. It doesn't go well with your beautiful face." says Director Nabeshima. I never imagine a director would say something like that. Although Nabeshima holds a high position in the company, he is however, the same age as Saito. I was kind of mixed this is up at first about their age and seniority relationship and then I realize the director can actually say those words (in private). The way he drop the bomb was really interesting. And I guess Saito was shocked about it.

Saito thought, "Am I not qualified to be his secretary?" Well, who thinks they don't deserve such a position? Anyway, this is when Saito misunderstood his boss, who actually didn't meant it in a bad way. Nabeshima's careless remarks turns Saito into a drill sergeant the following day. I like this kind of turn around of behavior for the characters in the story.

What Nabeshima truly admires about Saito is his above and beyond duty to help others. Saito seems to be a workaholic but he is a worrywart. Always thought of others and never letting them down. But you can't always push your limits which I learned from experience. "Why not? It is for the people. No matter small the task, why can't I help?" Again, not all times you have to do that, Saito. His pride shows how he deals with work, sought Nabeshima.

Director Nabeshima said, "Sorry I didn't call you. You already have so much to do as it is." Well, I get where he came from and he is not used to have someone helping him with clients. Then Saito blurted, "I'm your personal secretary! So take advantage of me. I'm yours to use as you please [...] and did you know how much it hurts when others outside know you more than I do?" I almost crack at this line because it sounds like a love confession. Well, yes if you zero tolerance to alcohol.

Just when everything is interesting according to Nabeshima and he was actually turned on by Saito, he is still calm, cool and collected. Not the typical alpha males that I read in some yaoi and then pounce when they want and had the opportunity.  But here's what he thought, "My secretary wanted to know me better, so let's get intimate."

 Now you get the gist. Go ahead and read the rest of the story.

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