Monday, October 18, 2010

michi speaks: Twin's Labyrinth

Title: Twin's Labyrinth
Mangaka: Akira Norikazu
Status: Complete
Genre: Comedy, Romance, Mature, Yaoi

Ayumu Okusawa lost his job and apartment in a coincidence. He doesn't know how to live in big, unknown Tokyo. He comes from a small village and came to Tokyo because of his grandfather's suggestion. Ayumu doesn't seem depressed but a handsome stranger stops him from commiting suicide and takes him home. The stranger's name is Rin Hayasaka. He's a boss of host-club. He has twin brother named Ren who is Rin's opposite.
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A light-hearted read with gorgeous characters (the twin semes with contrasting looks & personalities are super cool!) and wonderful pairings (yeah, each twin gets his own darling). Mildly angsty, craftily erotic, and lots of fluff--and a happy ending!
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A desperate situation calls for an immediate action when that fated day came and swept Ayumu's blues away. It's a damsel in distress only that it's a guy saved by a guy. LOL! On that same day, the heavens must have engulfed Ayumu with so much gracious blessing. A perfect, sexy and good-looking gentleman, offering him his needs: a job and a temporary place to sleep. But what if that stranger asks "Would you like to live with me?" *woot woot woooooot*

Make it a double turn of event as the stranger's twin brother have had a deep desire for Ayumu the first time they meet each other. But who is he going to choose? The one who gives or the one who simply wants him? Will he choose both? The situation with the strangers made Ayumu think deeply whether to choose his needs over his happiness or happiness over his needs. For someone who had just lost everything in an instant, it's hard to decide then. But can he deny his feelings? Will his clouded thoughts and doubts be fade away with love? We'll see.

For me, this is such a delightful story. It is full of love that fills in an empty feeling. Indeed, it is "Mildly angsty, craftily erotic, and lots of fluff--and a happy ending!" And I mean it. Twin's Labyrinth offers you a double luscious lovey-dovey pairing with hard-to-forget delectable twin semes. harharhar ^^

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  1. lot's of fluff? XD

    hahaha, this is really cute. i haven't encountered reading any twins in the BL world (well except for Yamato Nase's Fall in love with me and Gakuen Heaven. speaking of which...). looking forward to reading this ^^


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