Monday, April 12, 2010

hime speaks

ok so it's been a while, and the last entry of this blog was 2009. skimming over this blog site, i can see we seem to have gained some followers. whoa!

i am trying to see if this blog can still be continued. it is quite obvious that i cannot run this on my own even though i was the one that initiated this. it is true that i have fellow authors, but first and foremost they are my friends IRL. the rule of "individual interests comes first" is kind of like an unspoken agreement when it comes to these things, but it is mutual so they cannot force me to keep writing nor can i force them to keep those articles coming.

although this was a very good idea for a blog, we also have alot of things to do IRL. in addition to that, we also have relationships to keep up with. also, i must admit that i'm growing out this phase. i still like anime slash manga and all, but not as much as i was before. i dunno if it's just me, but probably my co-authors as well.

and so it has come to this: we'll have more or less of a forum of whatever may happen to this blog site. we may not continue OR we might work something out. so 'til then.

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  1. *sniff* *sniff* oh my, how time flies... my last entry here dated since last year! then I mentioned to change the layout *ahhhh stupid me* well I had my excuse: My OJT heheheh

    Well, I guess this is the point in our lives that we spent less on our subject of interest and focused more on the reality and what is gonna be ahead of us. But I guarantee you hime-chama, I still LOVE yaoi hehehe... It is just somehow I'm less enthusiastic to blog LOL


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