Friday, November 21, 2008

yume speaks: Introduction

finally!! *evil laugh* i can run loose and declare my unspeakably delightful, deliciously sinful and atrociously beautiful addiction, hurray!!
seriously, i rarely talk to people about BL because it's taboo and sometimes i do feel weird for liking them...Btw, BL is popularly known as boy love but it means bishie love for me and my

i started getting into yaoi because of all the bishies..omg, it's flooded with bishies...but i stuck to reading yaoi because the stories i'd want to read in shoujo's are the leading "lady" is not annoying unlike most shoujo mangas and the leading "men" are sizzling hot... :P

BISHIE LOVE!!! *nosebleed*

I'm Yume, btw, nice meeting you :D

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